Happy New Year

Dear Friends, we wish Happy New Year to everyone who belongs to our huge JINJER-family. Thanks a lot for the support you have given us this year. We have done a lot and we are to do even more in 2015. Our best wishes to all of you and hopefully we'll see each other soon. Stay strong, keep supporting metal and party hard this eve! JINJER for all! Happy NEW 2015th YEAR!


JINJER - Желаю значит получу (I want it I'll get it) Official Tour Video 2014

Here comes our main New Year present for you, fellas! 

The whole year of hardwork in 3-minute video of probably the most agressive track from the album. The brightest events of 2015 along with teethcrushing riffs.

Sit down deeply in the armchair, turn up the volume, and let's live the best moments JINJER have had this year again together.

"If you want it, you'll get it" (c) Tati. Spread the video as wide as you can! Repost and share!


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